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Wild Stories: Roberto and Marika

December 24th.

You know, we musicians don't know parties, birthdays, anniversaries.

December 24th 2015. Almost Christmas.

Playing is a great classic in the holidays, we meet our family again on stage.

Only this time Marika and I started a family. On stage. She sings, I play. We stood side by side without knowing that one day Ettore, our first child, would be born!

How do you travel with a 3 month old baby to a concert? Simple. Taking the house with him.

With Wild Adventures we loaded the van with tools, strollers, cables and powdered milk and went to Castrovillari, a magical place in Calabria.

The little one was warm while mom and dad played on stage. The stage was just a few meters away from him. His house was a few meters from the stage, the stage that saw him being born.

Sleeping, and waking up close to the sea, next to the castle of Roseto Capospulico was the most beautiful adventure ever made. The first adventure as nomads, the first musical adventure of Ettore, the first adventure of our new family.

Thanks Wild!


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