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Wild Tour: towards the mountains of Calabria and Basilicata

In the first part of our Wild Tour aboard our Camper SmartVan we left Bari for Ostuni, traveling through the suggestive Valle d'Itria while, in the second part of the tour, we reached the coasts of Salento, now a popular tourist destination throughout Europe. . In this third part of the tour we propose an alternative route: once we arrive in Ostuni we head towards the mountains of Basilicata and of the Calabria, in search of breathtaking views and extraordinary monumental complexes.

We start from Ostuni to head to Calabria: the first place where we decide to stop is Cerchiaria di Calabria (CS)

Route duration: about 180 km

Immersed in the Pollino Park, Cerchiara di Calabria is a place known for its sanctuary dedicated to the Madonna delle Armi, one of the most valuable monumental complexes of medieval origin in Calabria. This building, located on the slopes of Mount Sellaro at 1015 m asl with an extraordinary view of the Sibari plain and the Gulf of Taranto, was built in 400 AD on the remains of an older church. Enlarged in the sixteenth century, the sanctuary houses precious seventeenth-century works and eighteenth-century frescoes.

Cerchiara di Calabria is a very popular destination for hiking, trekking, caving and climbing enthusiasts:

between via ferrata, caves and canyons, in this corner of the Pollino it is possible to face explorations, climbing, snowshoeing in the snow and canyoning in the with the help of guides Southern Adventurers.

In Cerchiara di Calabria, on the slopes of Mount Sellaro and the Sanctuary, we decide to stop the first night to face the second stage of our journey: Matera.


Duration of the route: about 130 km

We leave Cerchiara Calabra to head towards Basilicata, precisely in Matera, the city of the Sassi, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1993 and the first archaeological site in Southern Italy by number of visits.

From an architectural and landscape point of view, the Sassi present a series of elements stratified over time: caves, stairways, rock complexes and churches, burial areas and houses from all periods give life to a magical landscape, full of surprising corners and suggestive panoramas. .

Matera, a very popular tourist destination throughout Europe, has numerous Camper parking areas: we recommend the equipped area Masseria Radogna / Jazzo Gattini, located in the natural park of Murgia Materana, where you can rest just a few minutes from the center of Matera.

We leave Matera to head towards Craco, the “ghost town” of Lucania, completely evacuated by its population in 1963 due to a landslide.

Duration: 53 km

Craco fascinates and attracts numerous travelers every year and inspires different registers who choose this town to shoot scenes for their films.
Visiting Craco means choosing to live a strong experience, amidst rubble and houses still unaltered, it means immersing yourself in a surreal landscape where nature, following the abandonment of man, has gradually regained its spaces.

If you love thrills and adventure, we cannot fail to recommend the experience of the Ponte della Luna: in fact, in Basilicata there is the route of the Tibetan bridges of Sasso di Castalda (PZ) located on the banks of the “Fosso Arenazzo”.

Starting from the historic center it is possible to cross a first bridge 95 meters long and suspended at about 70 meters high and, after a path, it is possible to reach the famous "Ponte alla Luna":

300 meters long and suspended in the void at 120 meters high, it can be traveled in about 30 minutes, in complete safety, and undoubtedly offers a breathtaking view thanks to its incredible location.
At the end of the route you will arrive on a glass sky-walk, where you can enjoy the view of the surrounding ancient ruins from a privileged point of view.


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